Digital Library of the Week: Curtis Botanical Images

Enjoying the spring weather? Then check out Curtis Botanical Images for some beautiful flower illustrations!

Here's one of my favorites, the Crested Iris
Here's one of my favorites, the Crested Iris

Curtis’s Botanical Magazine is a gardening magazine started in the eighteenth century by William Curtis. Though there have been many owners and illustrators over the centuries, Curtis Botanical Magazine is still published today. Sydenham Edwards illustrated the magazine pages found in this database. Full-page colored drawings of various plants have an accompanying page of text describing the plant classification.

This digital collection is available through the University of Iowa Libraries. Each high-resolution .jpg includes information on the plant, the publication date, and the illustrator. If you like botany, search for one of these subjects in our catalog to find books with more great images!

Keith Richards… librarian?

“Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards has confessed to a secret longing in his forthcoming autobiography: he is an avid bookworm and wanted to be a librarian at one time. In Life (due out in October from Little, Brown), Richards will reveal how he found refuge in books before he discovered the blues, and he once attempted to arrange his large personal collection using the Dewey Decimal Classification.” quoted from American Libraries Direct e-mail, April 7, 2010. For more on the story, see this Times Online article.

Cover of Life, Keith Richards' autobiography
Cover of Life, Keith Richards' autobiography

Digital Library of the Week: ipl2

Internet Public Library

ipl2 is the result of two outstanding online resources coming together – the original Internet Public Library and the Librarians’ Internet Index. ipl2 lives up to its motto, “information you can trust,” by having librarians (real ones like those of us you’ve met in the UArts Libraries) scour the World Wide Web to find and evaluate the best and most scholarly resources on all subjects. This is an excellent site to find international newspapers and magazines. Also check out their Special Collections such as blogs, Iraq War resources, and Exhibits. A particular favorite of mine is their A+ Research and Writing guide.

You can even submit a reference question to be answered via email by a librarian or library science student. I’m one of those library science students! I’ve answered questions from fifth graders who want to know about fashion to farmers in Nigeria asking about plow animals. We’re doing what we love – helping people find good and trustworthy information on the Internet.

ipl2 is the first in a new series on UArts Libraries blog called Digital Library of the Week. There are so many excellent resources out there – for free – that I want to share with you. Check back each week for a new Digital Library!