Library staff recommendation: Rock-Color Chart and Gem Trails of Pennsylvania and New Jersey

Rock-Color Chart
Prepared by the Rock-Color Chart Committee
Greenfield Vault  552 G292r


Gem Trails of Pennsylvania and New Jersey
By Scott Stepanski and Karenne Snow
Greenfield Vault  549.9748 St43g

As a self-classified rock hound, stumbling upon these items while shelving in the vault was almost as exciting as finding an actual fossil. Gem Trails of Pennsylvania and New Jersey is a great little guidebook on all of the places to hunt for terrific specimens within our area. From brachiopods and Cape May diamonds to “Christmas Tree Ore”, you’ll be on the path to building your collection in no time.

The Rock-Color Chart, which utilizes the Munsell system for color identification, is laden with little color chips to help you, the rock enthusiast, identify the proper color names for your finds. Happy hunting!

Recommended by Casey Murphy
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