I entered the Philadelphia Museum School of Art in 1957, expecting to major in Art Education. I never thought that I would be so taken with my exposure to dimensional design in the freshman foundation courses that I would major in it. That’s what the University of the Arts can do for you: enrich your experiences and open you to new avenues of expressing yourself, which in turn can lead to new skills and unexpected but fulfilling careers.

That’s what happened to me nearly 60 years ago. By offering a variety of learning experiences in my freshman foundation year, the University of the Arts allowed me to better understand my talents. Then it allowed me to hone those talents and find my unique vision, which I’ve been able to use throughout my continuing career as a photographer, teacher, and graphic designer. I often think how lucky I was to have had this experience at the University of the Arts.

Yes, I graduated with a BFA in Dimensional Design, but I found work in other fields. For the past 15 years, I’ve designed—and continue to design—over 100 book covers a year for the University of Pennsylvania Press. Last year, I collaborated with my son to create surrealistic video bumpers for a concert at the Venice Island Performing Arts Center. Currently, I’m working on photographs of common objects for a show scheduled in 2017. And one of those objects is a photograph of a sculpture from my freshman year.


John Hubbard

John Hubbard BFA ’61 (Dimensional Design) is an insightful designer with extensive experience in the design of books, magazines, packaging, collateral material, and consumer products. Currently is the Art Director at the University of Pennsylvania Press.