Studio Visit: Kristin Kozlowski

This week, I was lucky enough to visit the studio of Kristin Kozlowski (or as I like to say, “Kristin Koz“) to peruse her new work and talk about upcoming projects. Kristin is a graduate of the University of the Arts in Painting and Drawing and she is working on her MFA at Pafa. Kristin Koz is teaching the watercolor class this fall in the Saturday School program and she currently has work up at Cafe Estelle in Northern Liberties.

This is the first painting I immediately was attracted to when I entered her studio. Her work is a mix of media (acrylics, oils, paper, parchment, pencil, pastels and various textured material) and deals with the marriage of nature and man-made.

Kristin is attempting to blend both energies together and dissect the way that the natural world and the constructed worlds overpower one another. Among other things, she is inspired by peeling paint (such as that on the ceiling of her studio) and cracks in concrete.

Kristin adds, “the geometric forms in my paintings refer to construction, man and unified culture.” Personally, I love her ethereal creations and all of the small things in her studio that showed her inspiration.

Her desk was awesome.

Here’s Kristin’s mascot, Emmie.

She’s been looking at lots of different artists at the moment, including Gordon Matta Clark.

Not unexpectedly, her studio was full of inspiration.

Oh, and did I mention the view?

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