Follow-Up: Night + Low Light Class Takes in Center City Nightlife

Cheryl O. shooting Rachel on the street near Hinda’s studio (photo by Hinda)

On Wednesday, October 13, Hinda Schuman’s (CE 1745) Night + Low Light photo class met at 23rd and Arch to photograph the Cira and Comcast buildings. The following mages were taken by the students and represent only a small portion of the photos captured that evening.

“We all set out to photograph the same buildings and bridges. What I enjoyed most was watching how some students zigged when others would zag. Some students chose to look away from the Comcast building and photograph under the old railroad bridge; a great location beautifully illuminated in orange light with its massive concrete forms with pieces chipping off; all bathed in a strange light which made the walls seem ominous. One photographer included a lock and chain from a parking lot in her image of the Cira Center- and many students ended up lying on the ground to capture different angles. I thought the final photographs were wonderful scenes of Philadelphia at night – each person saw something slightly differently – and this is what makes photography exciting.” -Hinda

“I love how the nighttime sky transforms the city; creating a beautiful composition of colored lights against a black backdrop. Shooting the bridges and buildings whose lights were softly reflected in the Schuylkill River was a serene experience. I could have stayed there all night. In complete contrast, later that evening, I was set up with my tripod on the traffic island in front of 30th Street Station, photographing the cars as they streaked past–very exhilarating! The city of Philadelphia has so much to offer visually, it’s a great place to be a photographer and this class has made me much more aware of the varying qualities of light at different times of the day- this new awareness will forever impact how I take photographs.”-Susan K. (student)

“I chose this photograph because I love car trails. This picture gives me the feeling that the cars went right up the street and straight through 30th street station. I hope everyone likes it as much as I do.”-Cheryl O. (student)

“The classes shoot with Hinda by the river and 30th station was not only interesting, it was an important start towards understanding how to shoot a cityscape. Working as a group out there on the street was a great setting for sharing and learning. I look forward to more!” -Marie S. (student)

(photo by Marie S.)

“I wanted to take a nighttime photography class because I have always been interested in capturing motion and light. The night offers many opportunities for exploration — just varying the exposure allows one to create a mood that would not be seen by the naked eye.” -Valerie B (student)

Ed braves the elevator in Hinda’s studio- he survived the ride.
(photo by Hinda Schuman)

“It was a very instructional experience. Hinda gave us the freedom to do what we wanted to do but was there to help us when we needed some help and guidance. This class in particular illustrated what I like about these continuing ed classes. They are education and quite competitive but also lots of fun. And they are instructed by someone who is a true expert in the field.” – Mark S. (student)

“We learn so much from Hinda on how to photograph different scenes. I love this photo because it almost looks light time is standing still since the water is so smooth. -Kristen K. (student)

“I loved shooting long exposures this night and capturing the natural light of the sky, street lights and building lights all together.” -Kristen K. (student)

I thoroughly enjoyed the downtown class shoot. Although I have gone out many times on my own to take pictures, the dynamic and energy of the class and guidance from Hinda really made this an experience a step beyond what I could of accomplished on my own. – Cheryl T (student)

(photo by Cheryl T.)

(photo by Ed M.)

(photo by Ed M.)

(photo by Mary Anne B.)

(photo by Mary Anne B.)

(photo by Mary Anne B.)

(photo by Rachel P.)

(photo by Rachel P.)

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