Using the New Bristle Brush in Adobe Illustrator

by Laura Lewis

[Self Portrait, Sarbani M. (student)]

The bristle brush is the latest brush added to Adobe Illustrator’s paintbox. This new tool enables artists and designers to create painterly illustrations. The bristle brush is very much like the brushes used to paint by hand.

[Self Portrait, Stephen T. (student)]

Brush shapes cover the gamut of the painter’s tool box, ranging from fan to round tipped brushes. One can build up colors and textures by layering. This natural feeling of painting is even more enhanced when using a pen tablet. By doing so, artists can see the direction and position of their paintbrush in 3D form. In creating their self portrait, many students in the Adobe Illustrator course chose to experiment with this new tool.

[bristle painting by Sam H. (student)]

Students also used the art & calligraphic brushes in the creation of their self portrait. Experimenting with a variety of brushes can yield very compelling illustrations.

For additional information concerning the use of the bristle brush in Adobe Illustrator you may want to check out the following link.

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