CS Faculty Enrichment Grants: Colleen Hammond attends Snow Farm (Williamsburg, MA)

By: Colleen Hammond (Instructor, Pre-College)

Scarf Weather

In March of 2011 I received a Continuing Studies Faculty Enrichment Grant. With the support of this grant, I was able to attend a weeklong workshop at Snow Farm in Williamsburg, Mass., this past summer.  The class I took was entitled Collage: the Imaginative Use of Materials taught by Alexandra Sheldon.  Through guided experimentation, my experience with collage opened up a world without boundaries and enabled me to explore a new level of imagination I have not been able to find through my oil painting. My hope is to somehow apply and bring out this newly found fun and whimsical approach to creativity in my total oeuvre.

These images are some examples of work I produced in this class.  I look forward to the enjoyment of creating more collage work to share.  Check out my website to see more of my collages with additional information.

Find the Clowns

Teaching Artist Alumnus + CE Faculty Memeber, Tremain Smith to Show, Rosenfeld Gallery's Annual Small Works Show

Information Systems, 2011, Oil & wax on panel, 30" x 24".

Join artist/teaching artist/CE faculty member, Tremain Smith, at Rosenfeld Gallery’s Annual Small Works Show opening this Sunday, December 4 from 12 – 5 pm.

Exhibition continues through December 31, 2011

Hours: Wed – Sat 10 am to 5 pm, Sun 12 – 5 pm

Rosenfeld Gallery
113 Arch Street
Philadelphia, PA 19106

December 1st, 2011 | Get inTouch Philadelphia!

Students are encouraged to register for the December 1st Photoshop Philadelphia Event featuring the first public appearance of the new Adobe touch apps! Prizes, including up to $2,100 of Adobe software will be given away to participants at the event.

Join your user group this December 1st to get the Adobe Photoshop Philadelphia User Group back on track just in time for 2012!

As the temperature cools off, Photoshop Philly is just getting heated up! Come out and join in the fun at the Paul J Gutman Library on the beautiful campus of Philadelphia University at 7:15 pm on Thursday, December 1 for some great Adobe Photoshop fun, networking and learning! This reboot session promises to bring you up to speed on all Philadelphia and Design community happenings!

Visit the newly rebooted: http://photoshopphilly.com for more information and signups.

Featured Presentation – Get in Touch: Adobe Touch Apps

Nathaniel Dodson and Tony Profeta will deliver the first presentation in Philadelphia featuring Adobe’s brand new Touch Apps including a live presentation of the applications on an Android tablet and how you can use these apps on your mobile devices to edit images and graphics on the go. Save them to the Creative Cloud for access in/out/or on the go!

Take a peek at the new creative flexibility offered by Adobe Touch Apps here:

Adobe Touch Apps

Adobe Touch App Video Demonstrations

Adobe Creative Cloud Overview

Adobe Photoshop Touch Overview

Guest Speaker – Autism Expressed founder Michele McKeone

We will have Michele McKeone M. Ed. from the Autism Expressed project, an exciting social entrepreneur and recent graduate of the UArts Corzo Center program. McKeone will discuss the challenges in creating and delivering the unique vision of Autism Expressed. The project, currently featured on the Pepsi Refresh Challenge web page, aims to help students with autism learn to effectively use various social media platforms and digital software such as Photoshop. She will also cover the project’s history and future and what it means for you.

Community Update – Real Answers to the Future of Flash: Robert M. Hall

Robert M. Hall from Feasible Impossibilities and the Official Adobe User Group manager for the Philadelphia Flash Platform Group will deliver a short presentation summarizing Adobe’s recent announcements regarding Flash and Flex, community reaction, suggestions and advice.


Spread the word and visit us at http://photoshopphilly.com

We Hope to See You There excited to “get in-touch” in 2011.

Register to attend this free event now!

Punk Rock Flea Market Holiday Edition – Dec 11

Punk Rock Flea Market

The biggest one yet — over 300 tables of vendors selling old records, clothes, art, music, food, junk, bicycles, stereo equipment, instruments, automobiles, tools, posters, furniture, computers, skateboards and lots of other stuff that you and your loved ones need – only three bucks to get in (supporting R5 Productions).

For this holiday edition, there will also be a record fair across the street at Starlight Ballroom. You get two buildings of stuff to browse for your $3 entry donation.

Sunday, December 11, 2011
10 am – 5 pm
461 N. 9th St.
Philadelphia, PA

Controversy Brews as Artist Accuses Starbucks of Swiping Her Style

Ophelia Chong's work (left) looks a hell of a lot like that Starbucks illustration (right) (images via opheliaswims.com)

Last Friday, artist Ophelia Chong had the kind of day most artist’s dread. On that fateful day she was told by one of her students that Starbucks was using graphics that looked a great deal like hers well, judge for yourself (see above).

Chong isn’t going to take this lying down and she’s retained a lawyer.

An accomplished designer, writer and illustrator, not to mention a professor and an artist who has six gallery shows in the last year alone, Chong has been active online for years. I asked her if this copyright infringement has dampened her enthusiasm to post her images online.

“No, it hasn’t changed my mind. All my work has been published through Flickr. I’ve had a website since 2000 and published on Flickr since 2006. I’ve had half a million views of my images since I started on Flickr,” she said proudly.

She knows that posting online has also exposed her work to more people and lead to book projects that she believes she would not have had otherwise. “I will not stop doing that. Posting online has gotten me a lot of work and a even a representative in New York. It’s a great tool. Whatever you do, just posting any image on the web, it can be taken. But if you don’t, then how are people going to find you?” she says.

The artist says her book, containing her images and style, have been shown to all the ad agencies by her reps, so she doesn’t understand why they simply didn’t hire her rather than rip her off.  “It looks exactly like what I create,” she says. And she’s right. From the shape, to the style and the colors, there is an uncanny resemblance to her work.

“Starbucks has a motto on their Company page ‘Being a Responsible Company.’ It goes only as far as their doorstep when it comes to being responsible to the rights of artists,” she said on her personal blog.

Now it’s up to the courts to decide.

Teaching Artists Research Project (TARP) @ NORC.org Releases Report – Teaching Artists Found Critical to the Future of Education

NORC at the University of Chicago has released a landmark report on a three-year study of teaching artists (TAs) – artists who make teaching a part of their professional practice. Teaching Artists and the Future of Education found that their work is critical to the future of arts education and to improving the quality of schools.

TAs have been major providers of arts education in community settings for over a century. They gave Louis Armstrong and Benny Goodman their first music lessons. In the last three decades though, they have become important resources in primary and secondary schools as well, where they have mitigated a long-term decline in arts education. In the process, they have made significant contributions to making schools better places for students to learn and grow. Other studies have provided strong evidence that arts education has powerful positive effects on student achievement and outcomes. NORC’s new study offers hope to schools struggling to preserve arts education programs and to policy-makers searching for effective education strategies to improve schools.

In addition to providing the most comprehensive data on who teaching artists are, where they work, and the conditions of their work, it explores the reasons for the decline of arts education in schools, how TAs are changing some of the fundamental assumptions about teaching and learning the arts, and strategies for supporting and expanding their reach.

Provided with a preliminary copy of the NORC studies findings, the May 2011 report from President’s Committee on the Arts and the Humanities,”Reinvesting in Arts Education,” made “expanding in-school opportunities for teaching artists” one of five recommendations.

The full report and an executive summary can be downloaded at NORC.org.

For more on the Teaching Artists Research Project, visit NORC.org.

at the University of Chicago
55 East Monroe St.
Chicago, Illinois 60603

About NORC
NORC at the University of Chicago is an independent research organization headquartered in downtown Chicago with additional offices on the University of Chicago’s campus and in the D.C. Metro area. NORC also supports a nationwide field staff as well as international research operations. With clients throughout the world, NORC collaborates with government agencies, foundations, educational institutions, nonprofit organizations and businesses to provide data and analysis that support informed decision making in key areas including health, education, economics, crime, justice, energy, security and the environment.

Book Paper Scissors Fair @ Free Library – Nov 19

Celebrate the art of paper and the book — and get started on your holiday shopping — at the one-of-a-kind, annual  Book Paper Scissors book fair, taking place at the Parkway Central Library on Saturday, November 19 from 10 am – 4 pm.

Feel good by buying local and supporting artists: enjoy this fair filled with handmade paper and prints, origami, blank books, artists’ books, sculptures and jewelry, all of which are made from paper.  Plus, you can participate in workshops to create your own work – what could be better?

The event schedule features two free workshops, open to all ages and filled with engaging paper activities. From 11 am – noon, adults and teens have the opportunity to learn how to make “hidden books,” books lying in single sheets of paper. Learn the basics, make your own and take it home with you.

The Pop-ups workshop for kids and families will be held from 2 – 3 pm, where you can learn DIY tricks to make your very own pop-up card, including folding and paper engineering techniques, layers and tabs.

Space may fill up for the workshops, email: events@philadelphiacenterforthebook.org to inquire about walk-in participation.

Hope to see lots of my book artist friends there!

Book Paper Scissors
Parkway Central Library, 1901 Vine Street
Saturday, November 19, 10 am – 4 pm

What is the Arts Landscape in America?

There are 2.1 million “artists” in the United States, according to the National Endowment for the Arts. The national arts organization has just released a study that examines the demographics of the country’s artists. I’ve included the word “artist” in quotation marks because their definition includes many shades of artistry to reach that number. I don’t think they were wrong to be so inclusive but I do think most people don’t normally associate floral designers, for instance, under the banner of “artist.”

Some notable facts:

  • There are 2.1 million artists in the United States. They make up 1.4% of the total workforce and 6.9% of the professional workforce (artists are classified as “professional workers”).
    • Largest categories: designers (graphic, commercial and industrial designers, fashion designers, floral designers, interior designers, merchandise displayers, and set and exhibit designers) are 39% and performing artists are 17%.
    • Fine artists, art directors and animators make up 10% of all artists.
    • Writers/authors and architects each compose 9-10% of all artists.
  • More than half of artists (54%) work in the private, for-profit sector; 35% are self-employed.
  • Women artists earn $0.81 cents for every dollar earned by men artists. This gap is similar to that in the overall labor force (where women earn $0.80 cents for every dollar earned by men).
  • Artists’ median wages and salaries ($43,000 in 2009) are higher than the median for the whole labor force ($39,000).
    • Architects make the highest median wage ($63,000), while workers who are classified as “other entertainers” had the lowest ($25,000)

And here are some notable points I gleamed from the report about the demographics of US artists:

  • Artists are less socioeconomically and demographically diverse than the total US workforce, yet diversity levels vary across individual artist occupations.
    • Only 13% of writers and authors are non-white and/or Hispanic, compared with 32% of the total workforce
    • Yet 27% of actors are non-white and/or Hispanic — roughly the same proportion of musicians, announcers and other entertainers.
    • 41% of all dancers and choreographers are non-white and/or Hispanic — nine points higher than the corresponding share of the US workforce.
  • While artists as a whole are less likely to be foreign-born than other US workers, some of the highest-paid artist occupations have the highest rates of foreign-born workers. Architects and designers are the most likely to be foreign-born (14–16%, roughly the same as the US workforce).
  • New York (2.3% of the workforce) and California (2% of the workforce) have the highest numbers of artists in the US.
  • Oregon and Vermont have 20% greater-than-average numbers of artists, with writers and authors especially prominent.
  • The greater Pittsburgh area has twice the concentration of museum workers nationwide.

Food for thought?

Read the whole report here.

P.POD – Philadelphia Produces Original Design @ PMA

The Philadelphia Museum of Art will be a one-stop shop for holiday gifts this season, with a wide range of locally crafted art, jewelry, food and more at the P. POD pop-up bazaar through December 31…with a special opening party tonight Friday, November 11!

Photo by G. Widman for GPTMC

Art lovers stumped to find gifts for everyone on their list can  find one-stop shopping at the Philadelphia Museum of Art Store with eclectic finds showcased at Philadelphia Produces Original Design (P.POD), a pop-up bazaar created by artist, designer, author/illustrator and proud Philadelphian Alex Stadler.

P.POD will only showcase items designed and/or produced in Philadelphia. This community-oriented pop-up store will occupy a 300 square foot footprint within the Museum Store’s central retail space, selling Philadelphian products ranging from $30 to $3,000.

P.POD debuts with an opening party hosted by Stadler and guest designers from 5:00–8:00 pm­­­ on November 11, 2011, when museum guests will have a chance to discover the talent and extraordinary ideas currently being developed in Philadelphia by Philadelphians.

Stadler created P.POD as a way to showcase the extraordinary work from groundbreaking designers in his passionately adopted city. Using the motto “freakish, brilliant or gorgeous,” he has assembled work from emerging and established Philadelphia designers in disciplines ranging from jewelry, fashion, and toys to stationery, furniture and decorative arts.

Industrial Design professor Andrew Dahlgren and a team of students from the University of the Arts will create special display units (pedestals and risers crafted from reclaimed pine and recycled newspapers, pamphlets and Design Philadelphia catalogs) for the store.

The opening event tonight is free (after regular museum admission) – and bonus – tonight’s Art after Five event features jazz singer Gretchen Parlato, who has worked with Terence Blanchard and Esperanza Spalding. Parlato’s In a Dream was heralded as the best jazz vocal album of 2009 by the Village Voice.

Enjoy a great night of art, design and music at the PMA!

The University of the Arts establishes a curated page on Kickstarter.com!

As the largest funding platform for creative projects, Kickstarter allows individuals with projects focused on the creative arts—Art, Dance, Film, Music, Photography, Publishing,and Theater—as well as projects from the diverse and creative fields of Food, Design, Fashion, Technology, Games, Comics and Journalism, to gain access to an audience that is more than half a million strong.

The UArts page will provide a unique way for members of our community to showcase their activities and projects in progress. If you have a project currently going on Kickstarter, please send your information to lvillanueva@uarts.edu for inclusion on our page. We will also be extending this opportunity to alumni, so please feel free to forward this information to graduates with whom you are in touch.