CE Student Success Stories | Christopher Boetticher

Many University of the Arts Continuing Education students and alums have won prestigious awards or have had their work exhibited in galleries. Other UArts CE students are building careers or have received professional recognition for their work. Whatever CE students accomplish, we love to hear about how they applied what they learned in the classroom to the real world.

In this, our second “Success Stories” posting, we look to congratulate Chris Boetticher, Web Design Dual Certificate student, who recently completed designs for the King Taco Photography website and Penn Jersey Roller Derby website, while a student in Continuing Education, Web I, Summer 2011.

Chris enrolled in the certificate program during the summer of 2010 because he wants to change careers and become a full time web designer. “I’ve been working for eleven years in various technical departments,” Chris wrote in his application statement, “but I’ve always been interested in pursuing more artistic and creative opportunities.”

I invite you to watch Chris’s video and learn a bit about his design process. Also, visit the site he created as these screen captures do little to convey the impact of his design aesthetic. I think you will agree, Chris is a talented designer whom clients will want to hire.

Do you have a UArts Continuing Education Success Story to tell? Email us at creativeconsumptionpost@gmail.com and let us know!

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