ON MAY 23, 2012 the sun will set on cities all over the globe, as hundreds of the world’s most renowned creative directors meet with thousands of aspiring copywriters, art directors and designers. The mission is simple yet grand: to celebrate the next generation of creative talent, to guide them as they begin their fascinating careers in the advertising industry, and to raise their city’s creative flag and be counted on the world stage.


Todd Miller | Chief Creative Officer / Managing Partner | Archer Group

Sean Trapani | Creative Director | Archer Group

Chris Bennett | Art Director | Archer Group

Kim Cornell | Art Director | Archer Group

Christina Mullen | VP, Creative Director | Backe Digital

Larry Williams | Senior Associate Creative Director | Backe Digital

Jon Billet | Director, Digital Design | Backe Digital

Dave Grillo | SVP, Creative Director | Blue Diesel

Sam Cannizzaro | VP, Creative Director | Blue Diesel

Lynsey Underwood | Senior Art Director | Blue Diesel

Gregg Jones | Senior Art Director | Blue Diesel

James Griffith | Creative Director | Cadient Group

Antonia Olszowka | Associate Creative Director | Cadient Group

Erik Sonlin | Associate Creative Director | Cadient Group

Kate Logan | Copy Director | Cadient Group

Hal Shapiro | Senior Talent Manager | Cadient Group

Jill Deardorff | Chief Creative Officer | Deardorff

Kathy Brooke | Creative Director | Deardorff

Wes Richards | Associate Creative Director | Deardorff

Craig Douglass | Executive Creative Director | Digitas Health

Norm Alger | VP, Group Creative Director | Digitas Health

Anthony Bacchiocchi | Associate Creative Director | Digitas Health

Andy Saucier | Associate Creative Director | Digitas Health

Jayson Merlino | Creative Director | G2

Jason Trojanowski | Associate Creative Director | G2

Tracy Shinko | Art Director | G2

Nicole Boyd | Creative Director | Garfield Group

Andrew Schultz | Associate Creative Director | Garfield Group

Sean Gillespie | VP, Creative Services | Gillespie Group

Joshua Smith | Sr. Graphic Designer/Web Developer | Gillespie Group

Joe McDonough | VP, Executive Creative Director | Masterminds

Joe Morano | Associate Creative Director | Masterminds

Chris Holland | Senior Art Director | Masterminds

Jean Pierre Blanchet | Senior Art Director | Masterminds

Rich Wakefield | Executive Creative Director | Neiman

Dave Spink | Associate Creative Director | Neiman

Michael Gadsby | Owner / Creative Director | O3 World

Kirsten Greskiewicz | Associate Creative Director | Razorfish Health

Jae Hodge | Associate Creative Director | Razorfish Health

Matthew Livingstone | Senior Copywriter | Razorfish Health

Tim Kin | Senior Designer | Razorfish Health

Jillian Christiance | Art Director | Razorfish Health

David Danilowicz | Group Creative Director | Rosetta

Ron Coalson | Creative Director | Rosetta

Emily Nomland | Creative Recruiter | Rosetta

Joe Vitale | Creative Director | Roska

Jeremy Pope | Digital Creative Director | Stream Companies

Kate Heskett | VP of Creative Operations | Stream Companies

Dave Mazzoni | Creative Director | Stream Companies

Patrick Hardy | EVP, Executive Creative Director | Tierney

Jeff McWeeney | Creative Director | Tierney

Derek Miller | Senior Art Director | Tierney


5 pm – Doors open
6 pm – Opening remarks
10 pm – Conclusion


Lincoln Financial Field
West Club Level, Lot J Entrance
1020 Pattison Avenue
Philadelphia, PA


Portfolio Night 10 Philadelphia is a very special event, unique to both the Philly advertising industry and to PN10 itself. While events in other Portfolio Night 10 cities are normally only open to aspiring creatives with advertising portfolios to show, PN10 Philadelphia is open to all with an interest in getting to know the local advertising community. There are two types of tickets for Portfolio Night 10

The Traditional Ticket is for aspiring advertising and design creatives with portfolios to show. This ticket works the same way PN10 tickets work in all other cities; you’ll be given one-on-one face time with some of Philly’s top creative directors, who will critique the work in your portfolio, offer you advice on how to improve your work and maybe even start your creative advertising career!

To determine if this ticket is right for you, please read this link.

The Guest Ticket is for people who fall outside of the “Traditional Ticket” group. Perhaps you’re an ad/marketing/PR major, and you’re curious to find out more about advertising as a career. Maybe you’re looking to break into advertising, but in a role such as Account Management or Media Planning/Buying. Or perhaps you are a photographer, illustrator, animator or some other artist looking to offer your services to agencies. In all of these cases, the Guest Ticket is right for you. While you will not receive scheduled one-on-one meetings during the portfolio review, you’ll be free to mingle and socialize, engaging in informal chats throughout the evening.

Ticket Prices: $30.00 USD

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