Why We Design — Jan 24 @ UArts

A talk with Ken Carbone + Leslie Smolan, moderated by Alina Wheeler

Thursday, January 24, 6:30 – 8:30 pm
The University of the Arts Caplan Theater (211 South Broad Street)
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You’re just starting your career in design. You’re 21, or maybe you’re 41 years old. Do you start your own agency, or do you freelance? Do you hire a finance guy, or are you all creatives? Do you do it alone or with a friend? How do you make sure you have all your bases covered so that you can make groundbreaking work for a roster of top clients? As 25-year-olds, Ken Carbone UArts BFA ’73 (Graphic Design) and Leslie Smolan UArts BFA ’75 (Graphic Design) had just started their own firm and were figuring it all out. Thirty-five years later, the founding partners of the Carbone Smolan Agency boast a portfolio of international clients and big work.

They attribute their success to their partnership, a  union of two diametrically opposed personalities that has resulted in design that’s both beautiful and strategic. And they’ve lived to tell the tale. Ken and Leslie share their joint pursuit of “Fame, Fortune, Fun and Freedom” in their newly released book Dialog: What Makes A Great Design Partnership. In this talk, moderated by Alina Wheeler BFA ’70 (Illustration) and hosted by the University of the Arts Alumni Association, DesignPhiladelphia, and the Corzo Center for the Creative Economy, Ken and Leslie will reveal a behind-the-scenes look at their process, their favorite projects and the defining moments in the development of the firm.

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  1. Hey! Seriously nice post.
    Well, I am 23 and have started doing freelancing first. After all who can take a risk of starting his own digital agency for website designing and marketing? I mean… This is a perfect solution to start a career in web designing.

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