We Love Our Certificate Students

Students in our certificate programs enter for so many reasons. Some are new to the work force and are already eager to build more skills to remain competitive, some are seasoned professionals who realize they need to target areas that will improve their work options. Some seek a career change or a new adventure. Others are deeply passionate artists who seek to be amongst a community of creators rather than struggling on their own to build their body of work.

Sarbani Majumder, Communication Design Certificate

Keang Hok, Web Development Certificate; Maureen Roche and Beverly Pittman, Portfolio Development Certificates

Everyone’s story is unique and personal – but all are remarkable and engaging individuals who are making a real commitment to their own improvement as designers, developers, creators, photographers and more. They are re-defining themselves in new ways.

Anne Kazak, Digital Photography Certificate, at the Capstone Exhibition. Her work consisted of a series of paired images with personal connections.

Guests enjoy the work at the Capstone Exhibition

The highlight for our students – and all of us who work here at the University of the Arts – is that we get to see how this work progresses and how these experiences change lives. We love seeing the successes of our certificate students. We know about the long sessions spent writing code, the photo shoots with the light fading all too quickly, the time of the misplaced  flash drive, the evening (again) of takeout food, the frustrating critique. It isn’t easy, but it is meaningful and brave to envision a new path and go for it.

Joe Kagan, Digital Photography Certificate, developed a portfolio focused on wedding photography.

We are so proud to celebrate each term as another group of capstone students complete their culminating thematic body of professional work and begin their next chapter. We know that the piece of paper isn’t what a certificate program is about…it is about recognizing all the steps along the way and reflecting back to see how skills have grown, friendships have formed and how new ideas go forward. We welcome these students into our alumni community.

Congratulations to all of you!