A Great Reception for Digital Photo!

We are so proud of our latest group of photographers who have completed their Digital Photography Capstone Exhibition!

It was great to celebrate the accomplishments of Kaylee Collins, Deedra Grandelli, and Adam Kantorski at last night’s reception, along with their many supportive friends, colleagues, and family members.  We loved meeting all of you.


Kaylee Collins at the reception, image by Susan Kessler

Adam Kantorski at the reception, image by Susan Kessler

Deedra Grandelli at the reception, image by Susan Kessler

It was so nice to see the community spirit and ongoing creative support our photo students have nurtured amongst themselves as they develop their craft.

We toast Kaylee, Deedra and Adam – great job!

And we look forward to our next group show on Thursday January 23 to see the works of Bridget Horgan Bell, Eve Miller,  Susan Kessler and Casandra Williams.  Join us!

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