Library tours are over; watch for workshops!

Thanks to the 15 students took the Spring 2009 library tour. Their comments: “Very informative!”  “Enjoyed the vault! Never knew it existed. Learned so much more from taking this tour.”  “I enjoyed finding out about the library, picture, and DVD collections.”  “I always learn something new on these tours.  🙂 ”  “I was surprised by how much I didn’t know. I learned a lot of valuable information.”  “Very helpful!”  “This will be helpful for future research papers.”  “So much I didn’t know [about the Music Library]!”

Please watch your UArts e-mail for announcements of library workshops.  Bring your laptop for a hands-on learning session.  We’ll cover topics such as how to find videos and DVDs, how to search for magazine, newspaper and journal articles, plus a workshop on Zotero, a free Firefox application that automatically formats bibliographic citations.  If you have a suggestion for a workshop, please tell us!  Please note that we will not offer a drawing prize for the library workshops.  Your newly-gained knowledge and information power will be its own reward.  And maybe some candy.

Sara MacDonald, Public Services Librarian

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