What/Where is “Greenfield Vault”?

If you have seen the location “Greenfield Vault” in a library catalog record, you may have been wondering what that means or where it is. There is a room on the basement level of the Greenfield Library that was a working vault at one time in Anderson Hall’s history. When the library moved to its current location in 1985, staff started referring to the room as the vault and have ever since. It is the room where back volumes of periodicals have been kept since 1985.

When we installed compact shelving in the vault, the shelving capacity of that room doubled. In order to create more space on the first floor of the library for books and people, we started moving lesser used books from the stationary shelves to the new shelving.  We needed to put a location for those books in the catalog records so you would be able to find them. Since we and many of you know the space as the “vault” we decided to make that the official location name. Take a look at Primitive to Picasso to see the location in a catalog record.

All books shelved in the vault may be checked out of the library. The vault is open until 6:00 p.m. on weekdays. At other times, you may request books that are in the vault from the staff at the circulation desk on the first floor of the library.

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  1. Since I’ve been here (late 90s) I always thought the vault must house some kind of “special collections”–either old manuscripts requiring particular care or perhaps rare and valuable materials. At the expense of some demystification ;-), thanks for explaining.

  2. I hope we haven’t disappointed you! The rare materials are in our Special Collections Room. Perhaps we should give that room a catchier name. We’d prefer to name it after a generous donor. ; )

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