Searching for videos and DVDs

We often get questions about how to find videos and DVDs held by the Greenfield and Music Library.  There are many ways to search for this type of material!  Here are a few.

One of the simplest ways to search for videos and DVDs is to use the Advanced Keyword Search screen. Enter a keyword search, and then use the Material Type box below and to the right to select videocassette or DVD. TIP: you can select both videocassette and DVD by selecting one, and then holding down the shift key to select the second one. Click Submit to run your search.
• Search by AUTHOR for directors, choreographers, composers, and performers. Remember to search LAST NAME first.

• Search by TITLE if you know it.

• Search by KEYWORD to find songs on an album, a dance piece, or a film in a collection.  Put quotation marks around phrases, e.g., “chien andalou” or “all of me” or “cave of the heart”

• Search by SUBJECT using
feature films
documentary films
musical films
science fiction films

The above searches will retrieve ANY type of material (books, CDs, etc.) but you can LIMIT any search by MATERIAL TYPE.
Want to just browse and see what we have?

Go to

Select Library Catalog
Call Number Search
Other Call Number
Read the directions on the screen and follow the examples:
CD for Music Library compact discs
MD for Music Library DVDs
MV for Music Library videos
LP for Music Library LPs
GD for Greenfield Library DVDs
GV for Greenfield Library videos
Once you  find an item you want, write down the CALL NUMBER and go to the circulation desk to request it.


Why do we still have so many videotapes, you ask? It’s surprising what hasn’t yet been released on DVD, but as films are released on DVD, we do replace our videotape copies with DVDs.  If you know something is available on DVD and we still only have a video of it, please let us know.

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