New catalog search options

You can now limit your catalog searches to specific parts of our collections, using the “In:” options.

Just want to find DVDs or VHS?  Use the “Video” option.

Looking for a piece of music’s score and a performance of it?  Try “Music (scores & recordings)”.

You can also find only “Electronic Resources”, or conversely, limit to “Print Only” to find good old-fashioned books and journals.

“Audio” finds CDs, LPs, or cassettes; “Book Arts” just searches our collection of artists’ books; and “Reference” searches our reference sections, including online sources.

And of course, you can still choose “Entire Collection” to search through all of our holdings.

We hope these enhancements will improve your search experience and help you more quickly find the materials you need.  Please send any questions or comments to Josh Roberts, Digital Initiatives & Systems Librarian,

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