Digital Library of the Week: Vincent van Gogh – The Letters

The Vincent Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam not only has the world’s largest collection of artwork by Van Gogh, but they also have nearly all of the surviving letters written to and written by the artist – a perfect primary resource.

Here's a sketch by van Gogh in one of his letters to Paul Gauguin

Van Gogh often wrote about his ideas, subjects for his artwork, and how he felt he was progressing as an artist. One of his regular correspondents was with Paul Gauguin. The collection, Vincent Van Gogh – The Letters, contains all 902 letters as well as some of his paintings and drawings, photos, and other documents regarding the artist’s life and work. Want to get up close? We have The Complete Letters of Vincent van Gogh as well as other books about how his art and writing are closely connected.

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