Digital Library of the Week: Francisco Goya Prints

Francisco Goya Prints is a collection from Pomona College Museum of Art (hosted by Claremont Colleges Digital Library), which owns first editions of all four sets from Goya’s series of etchings: Los Caprichos (1799), La Tauromaquia (1815-1816), Los Disparates (1815-1824), and Los Desastres de le Guerra (1810-1820). Within many of the etchings are Goya’s dark satire and political protest of war; imagery depicting witchcraft, monsters, and the brutality of war tell the history of Spain in the 1800s. You can search by title, subject, creation date, or just browse through more than 200 high quality images.

etching from La Tauromaquia showing a bullfight
Etching from La Tauromaquia showing a bullfight

To learn more about Goya and view other works by him, search for him by author as Goya, Francisco, 1746-1828 in the UArts catalog or read about him in Oxford Art Online by searching for Goya (Oxford Art Online will require a UArts library barcode log-in from off-campus locations). To learn more about the technique of etching, search for etching as a subject in the UArts catalog or read the various entries on the subject of etching in Oxford Art Online.

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