Library Staff Book Recommendation: Gilbert Portanier – Oeuvres 2000-2009

Barb Danin
Barb Danin

Barb from the Greenfield Library recommends:

Gilbert Portanier – Oeuvres 2000-2009
Call number 738.0924 P832a in Greenfield Open Stacks

French artist Gilbert Portanier’s colorful painterly ceramics are exuberant, lively, fresh, vibrant and imaginative. He has invented his own language in a form that is both figurative and abstract. Fragments of memories, reveries, and fantasies of inner universes all contribute to works that are allusive, suggestive, and atmospheric. His poetic vision is a joyous celebration, his work a sumptuous meal, a feast, a dream.

Library Staff Book Recommendation: Kirby: King of Comics

Mike Sgier
Mike Sgier

Mike from the Greenfield Library recommends:

Kirby: King of Comics
by Mark Evanier and introduction by Neil Gaiman
741.50924 K631e (Find it in Greenfield Open Stacks)

Kirby: King of Comics is a great retrospective of Jack Kirby’s career in comics, spanning from his early work in the 1940s to his monumental achievements working with Stan Lee at Marvel Comics in the 1960s. The reproductions in the book are stunning, ranging from penciled pages and personal pieces to finished ink and color pages. The book not only presents Kirby as one of the most important creators in comics, but as a force in America’s popular culture.

Library Staff Book Recommendation: Josef Sudek

Casey Murphy
Casey Murphy

Casey from the Greenfield Library recommends:

Josef Sudek
edited by Anna Farova
741.50924 K631e (Find it in Greenfield Open Stacks)

Czech photographer Josef Sudek (1896-1976) lived through Nazi and Soviet occupations and pushed on to create a deeply personal and emotional body of work. After meandering through a series of mediums and joining various artistic movements, Sudek sought his own path and picked up the camera.

Often referred to as the “Poet of Prague,” Sudek brought something new to the Europe of his time. Relying on intuition and his knowledge of fine art, Sudek followed his “ingenious eye” into a world of photography unlike anything ever seen before or since.

Digital Library of the Week: Dance in Photographs and Prints

Ruth St. Dennis in first costume for Radha
Ruth St. Denis in first costume for "Radha"

Dance in Photographs and Prints is a lot of fun for browsing! Part of the New York Public Library Digital Gallery, the photographs and prints from the early 1900s depict famous dancers such as Irene and Vernon Castle, Isadora Duncan, and plenty of scenes from dances like Giselle. The costumes and set designs are beautiful. If you are interested in a little history of dance, check out the scrapbook full of articles and photographs of dancer Alice Eis and her partner Bert Frenc.

If you are a dance major, or just love dance, be sure to check out the UArts Libraries’ subscription to The International Encyclopedia of Dance. It’s a great place for those research papers and learning more about the dancers and performances your professors always mention in class.