SuMFA Food for Thought Lecture Series: Stuart Elster

Stuart Elster is a painter and University of the Arts assistant professor. He is also the coordinator for the UArts Painting and Drawing department and participates in the Summer MFA program as a critic. He has a master of fine arts degree in painting and printmaking from Yale University.


He writes in his UArts faculty biography:

“I am interested in paintings that enable me to question the relationship between authority and the individual. I believe in the role of the artist as a cultural commentator. For me, the representational aspect of painting acts as a form of protest. It can be a platform for the expression of artistic power in the face of authoritarian forces. Working within the structures and definitions of painting’s history, I combine traditionally opposed and/or antagonistic positions such as hierarchy and simultaneity, representation and abstraction, optical projection (perspective) and flatness (the grid), the sublime and the banal and humor and mourning, among other combinations in my work.”

Find out more information on the Summer MFA Food for Thought lecture series. Lectures are about an hour long, free, and open to the public.

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