“Undefeated Since 1876”? As a matter of fact, yes!

The UArts School Store’s “Undefeated Since 1876” football t-shirt is a perennial best-seller, and it turns out that there’s some truth to the joke.

An item in a Pennsylvania Museum & School of Industrial Art (today’s UArts College of Art, Media and Design) student publication from 1936 is entitled “P.M.S.I.A. Blanks Academy 18-0“, and dramatically (and tongue in cheek) recounts the football game incidents on and off the field. The Academy mentioned is the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts.

from the Winter 1936 "Sketchbook"
from the Winter 1936 "Sketchbook"; note that we also beat the Academy at ping-pong

Further proof of the athletic prowess of our students appears in a 1964 yearbook for the Philadelphia Musical Academy (PMA), today’s UArts School of Music. PMA played the Philadelphia Museum College of Art (yet another name change, but still today’s UArts College of Art, Media & Design) twice, with both games ended in a tie (12-12 and 2-2). The PMA students did beat the art students in a basketball game (score: 72-65), but now that we’re all one institution we can honestly say that (as far as we know!) we remain undefeated since 1876.

Philadelphia Musical Academy cheerleaders
Philadelphia Musical Academy cheerleaders from a 1965 yearbook

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