Digital Library of the Week: Textiles Materials Collection

This week, let’s take a look at a wonderful textile materials collection from the Constance Howard Resource and Research Centre at Goldsmiths College, University of London. Constance Howard was the head of textiles at Goldsmiths and many of the textiles you see here were part of her personal collection, which she donated to the college in 2000. This is a kantha (decorative embroidery, done with the running stitch, that is very popular in Bengal).

There are beautiful textiles – clothes, beadwork, embroidery, religious garments and weaving samplers, just to name a few – from all over the world. Also included in the collection are slides of Goldsmiths College’s student work, like this 1985 piece by Judith Duffey.

We have some terrific books on textiles and fibers  in the University Libraries’ collection. One of my favorites is a series of books called Art Textiles of the World. These are beautifully photographed works of fiber art by contemporary artists.

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