Digital Library of the Week: Getting Ready for the Mummers!

If you are new to Philadelphia, you might have heard about our New Year’s Day parade full of feathers and glitz from head to toe. Learn more about the string bands, fully staged performances, and, of course, ‘dem golden slippers – all done by amateur Philadelphians! To prepare for the day-long festivities, this week’s digital library post will point you to some great information on this historical annual event.

A Mummer’s Magazine article (yup, they have their own magazine) notes that mummery “is as old as man’s imagination.” Another article that appeared in National Geographic recounts the parade from a Mummer’s point of view. In this case, the author is in the comics division, who are most famous for the Mummers Strut to O’Dem Golden Slippers. Steve Coper from Fralinger String Band (they are one of the best!) wrote a nice summary of Mummer history, including videos and pictures. Find out more about Fralinger and the other string bands, as well as the Fancy Brigades.

Want to see all that glitter and gold? View photos of past years’ costumes that are now in the Mummers Museum in South Philadelphia. Also, use one of UArts Libraries’ image databases, AP Images, and search for Mummers. (If you are off campus, you’ll have to enter your name and library barcode). We also have an e-book, The Philadelphia Mummers: Building Community Through Play (again, if you are off campus, you’ll have to enter your name and library barcode). To learn more about Mummers and South Philadelphia culture, check out South Philadelphia: Mummers, Memories, and Melrose Diner (in the Greenfield Library; call number 974.811 D852s).

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