Studio Art MFA Food for Thought Lecture Series: Kyle Citrynell

Kyle Citrynell
Kyle Citrynell

Arts copyright attorney Kyle Citrynell will speak this Friday, July 1 at 3pm in Hamilton Hall’s CBS Auditorium. Ms. Citrynell graduated from Duke University and now works in Louisville, KY for Seiller Watermann LLC. Primarily working with the Kentucky Arts Commission and Fund for the Arts, she helped to establish Professional Services to the Arts, providing legal and financial services to artists and art groups.

A Dilemna in Sponsor Liability: Trademark v. Tort” by Ms. Citrynell and others from The Business Suit: The Newsletter of the DRI Commercial Litigation Committee (Summer 2002) is available online.

To learn more about copyright and other legal matters related to the visual and performing arts,  search the UArts Libraries‘ catalog for subjects such as copyright infringement, patent laws and legislation, and public domain (copyright law).

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