Library staff recommendation: Asterios Polyp

Asterios Polyp
by David Mazzucchelli
741.50924 M459a 2009 Greenfield Open Stacks

Asterios Polyp tells the story of a renowned ‘theoretical’ architect haunted by the memories of his father, his dead twin brother, and the shortcomings of his career as he navigates a marriage, a divorce, and the world of academia. However, Asterios gets one last shot at redemption, one that is both sincere and unexpected. Mazzucchelli is a virtuoso at style, using a wide array of  shapes, colors, and textures to convey the moods and emotions of his characters. It is a visual language unique amid the world of comics and graphic novels, and one deserving of wider recognition.

Recommended by Mike Sgier
Recommended by Mike Sgier

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