Library staff recommendation: The Book of Symbols

The Book of Symbols
Editor-in-Chief: Ami Ronnberg
Editor: Kathleen Martin
302.2223 B644r Greenfield Reference

“Art doesn’t reproduce the visible. It renders visible” (Paul Klee).

There have been many books on symbols before this one, published by the Archive for Research in Archetypal Symbolism. However, none of them compare to the beauty, creative expression, and research of The Book of Symbols. The artwork selected represents all cultures and time periods of mankind, creating a global perspective while focusing on a set of well-chosen images with full descriptions. Edited by Jungian expert Kathleen Martin and including short bibliographies, each essay is a blend of historical fact and dreamlike ideas, inspiring the artist within the reader.

While this is a reference book, available for in-library use, please feel free to make scans of the essays and images reflecting your favorite ideas, rendered visible.

Recommended by Shannon Robinson

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