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"The-Oriental--Sick-Oriental--Vision--Upholder-of-the-Faith" 1959

Georg Baselitz, born in 1938, is a German artist. Baselitz was educated in art and began exhibiting work in 1961. Over the course of his career, his works and methods have lead to a heavy influence on German Neo-Expressionist art.

Intent on rebelling against the mainstream, Baselitz has drawn inspiration from various sources such as psychotic art and the art brut movement, enabling him to create very expressive and deeply symbolic works that were sometimes viewed as immoral or obscene. He has continued to evolve over the many years he has given to his craft, and in more recent years he has directed his efforts toward sculpture.

"Red-Green-Man--The-Red-Flag--The-Red-Green-Man" 1965

His work remains intense and powerful. If you would like to see more works by Baselitz, click on an image to be taken directly to ARTstor. For more information about the artist, please visit Grove Art Online.

"Oberon--1st-Orthodox-Salon-64--E.-Neizvestny" 1963-64

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