New in ARTstor from UArts Visual Resources: Claudio Bravo

"Blue Package" 1971

Claudio Bravo was a Chilean artist who lived from 1936-2011. Bravo’s technical skills are truly unquestionable. His paintings exhibit near-perfect realism. However, unlike most Photorealist artists, Bravo also includes deeper meaning in his work. His paintings are not merely visual representations, but are symbolic gestures, often dealing with themes of narcissism or time. And through his style, he pays tribute to the traditions of Spanish Art and Old Masters.

"Ming Bowls with Rocks" 1985


If you would like to see more works by Bravo, click on an image to be taken directly to ARTstor. For more information about the artist, please visit Grove Art Online.

"Portrait of Antonio Cores" 1973


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