Library staff recommendation: Bag It

Bag It
Directed by Suzan Beraza
Greenfield DVD GD1027

The plastic bag, the plastic water bottle, the plastic liner in your to-go coffee cup.

The plastic grocery bag is the number-one consumer item in the world: 500 billion bags are used every year. Made out of a non-renewable product (oil) that takes 70 million years to create, used for a few minutes, it lasts just about forever in the landfill. This informative and entertaining documentary takes an eye-opening look at the ultra-thin plastic bag and other plastic convenience items and the price we pay for them. You’ll never again see that bag caught in the tree or blowing down the street in the same way.

Recommended by Sara MacDonald

New in ARTstor from UArts Visual Resources: Ross Bleckner

"Cage" 1986

Ross Bleckner is a contemporary American artist, born in New York in 1949. Bleckner’s work often makes use of elements from other well-known artists or art movements. He takes these elements and re-imagines them in his own way, adding pieces that make his work undeniably unique and compelling. He is known in part for his stripe paintings (examples of which can be seen here), which incorporate elements of Optical Art. He tends to work in series, the imagery of which has dealt with subjects such as AIDS, death, and memory.

"The Oceans" 1984-86

If you would like to see more works by Bleckner, click on an image to be taken directly to ARTstor. For more information about the artist, please visit Grove Art Online.