New in ARTstor from UArts Visual Resources: Charles Ephraim Burchfield

Visual Resources recently added works by American artist Charles Ephraim Burchfield to the UArts Visual Resources Collection in ARTstor. Check it out now!

"The Insect Chorus" 1917

Charles Burchfield was an American artist who lived from 1893-1967. He is known for his beautiful and colorful watercolors. His early works are decorative in style and somewhat abstract in subject, often depicting emotions, sounds or occurrences in nature. Later, his work shifted to a more realistic style as he began to paint urban and industrial scenes, including houses, railway yards and mines.

"Over Porch Roof" 1933

Eventually, he reverted back toward his original style, based slightly in Expressionism and dealing with the subject of nature. His changing methods showcase his many abilities as a painter.

"Edge of Town" n.d.

Perhaps one of the most interesting facets of Burchfield’s work is how modern it looks, despite Burchfield not being exposed to this type of art.

If you would like to see more works by Burchfield, click on an image to be taken directly to ARTstor. For more information about the artist, please visit Grove Art Online or come see some of the books on Burchfield in the Greenfield Library.

"The Four Seasons" 1949-60

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