New in ARTstor from UArts Visual Resources: Arthur B. Carles

Visual Resources recently added works by American artist Arthur B. Carles to the UArts Visual Resources Collection in ARTstor. Check it out now!

"Still-Life with Flowers" 1935

Arthur Beecher Carles was an American artist who lived from 1882-1952. He attended and eventually taught at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine arts here in Philadelphia, where he began his start as a well-received Modernist painter.

"Torso" 1922

He is known for his use of bright colors and painterly style. As his work progressed, he began to add elements of Cubism and Abstract Expressionism while he moved away from more traditional subject matters.


If you would like to see more work by Carles, click on an image to be taken directly to ARTstor. For more information about the artist, please visit Grove Art Online.

"Nude" 1930

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