Studio Art MFA Food for Thought Lecture Series: Nelly Massera

Media artist Nelly Massera will speak Thursday, July 5, at 7pm in Terra Hall, Connelly Lecture Hall. Massera lives and works in France. She has exhibited internationally, participating in numerous residencies and solo exhibitions. Below are details about two of her films. Check out her website for more.

video still from Made in China
video still from Made in China

The Shout (2009)

“The Shout is a split screen video, a sound and visual diptych. Territories appear and follow one another, empty on one side, each occupied by a person on the other. Doubled images, long panoramic pictures, echoing narration. They are waiting, looking at us. Interior/day, prison scene: suddenly, a shout starts, carrying all the others along, the one of the children in the ruined building, the one of the woman in the bunker… The territory, the person and the shout are mutually embodied, occupying the entire screen and sound space. This split screen video has been realized in Latvia on the territory of Karosta, during an artist residency. This territory, at the same time fascinating and oppressive made to emerge this project, these presences, these shouts. I asked to people to choose a place, as a territory to shout.”

Starry Night (2010)

“A totally dark space of projection.The gaze has to get used to the twilight. The shot is taken at night, a space of basic architecture, covered by a faint light, barely unveils. The all-present sound of a cyclic flowing water fills the space. The sky thunders, the rain falls and mixes with the fountain’s sound. A violent, pale, almost unreal light flashes the scene and reveals it furtively to the viewer; then comes the sound of the lightning that splits the scene. The frequency of the lightnings increases, the rain becomes stronger, the sound gets denser, the howling of the wolves joins in the scene.”



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