Library staff recommendation: Postkarten-Album: Auch Eine Kulturgeschichte

Postkarten-Album: Auch Eine Kulturgeschichte
By Carl G. Lauterbach
741.6 L377p Greenfield Vault

This book is one of those that hide in the library like a gem in a dark cave.  It waits patiently on the shelf to be found and flipped through, its crisp images just waiting to be fawned over. The end papers are reminiscent of crackling wallpaper, hiding stories of their own. The yellowed pages, the deep, velvety black ink of the images, and the strange occurrences happening throughout are so fascinating to me. Sending a postcard through the mail is becoming an archaic practice. In a time when we wait impatiently for our next email to arrive, I am still an advocate of “snail mail” and could only imagine what it would be like to receive one of these! This book lives and breathes of times long since passed and I cannot help but be completely enveloped by it.

Recommended by Casey Murphy

Digital Resource of the Week: International Music Scores Library Project



The International Music Scores Library Project (IMSLP) aims to catalog all the free, public domain music scores available online in one simple, searchable interface. The Project was started in 2006 by Edward Guo, a graduate of the New England Conservatory of Music in Boston and currently a doctoral student at Harvard Law School.

IMSLP, commonly called the Petrucci Library after the Italian sheet music printer Ottaviano Petrucci, has over 210,000 scores and 20,000 recordings. The Library is a wiki searchable by composer, nationality,  genre, and more. But the Library is more than a collection of music: the IMSLP Journal and Forums are digital meeting places for musicians and music lovers to share ideas and collaborate on projects.

IMSLP works hard to follow all copyright regulations, as The New York Times reported last year, though this is difficult given that different countries have different rules. Volunteers help check for copyright violations. Considering signing up to become an IMSLP contributor yourself and help keep the project going!