Library staff recommendation: The Color Revolution

Monsanto Plastics color chips
An array of chips showing the range of plastic molding compound colors available from Monsanto


The Color Revolution / Regina Lee Blaszczyk.
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This fascinating book looks at the behind-the-scenes story of the people and industries behind color and consumers’ interaction with it. Blaszczyk writes in her introduction: “We cannot truly understand designed objects or technological systems outside of their historical, industrial, technical, social, and cultural contexts. This is especially true of managed color, a modern technology that was developed through a drawn-out process and carried out by countless actors and gatekeepers.” (p. 19) This is a story of chemistry and dyeing, art and of science, haute couture, department stores, taste-making, paint colors, and printing, told from Blaszczyk’s point of view as an historian and sociologist.

There is also a great deal of local color in this book: Philadelphia was a huge manufacturing center of textiles and chemicals, including dyeing, and the DuPont Company is featured prominently in the content. Of even more local interest is a UArts alumna, Mary Elizabeth Hallock Greenewalt. Greenewalt was deeply interested in the relationship between music and color, and believed this to be a new art form that she called Nourathar. Greenewalt graduated in 1893 from the Philadelphia Musical Academy, which is now the UArts School of Music. The UArts Music Library holds Greenewalt’s book, Nourathar: The Fine Art of Light Color Playing, in its Special Collections, and Greenewalt’s papers are held by the Historical Society of Pennsylvania at 13th and Locust.

Greenewalt seated at one of her inventions


Library staff recommendation: Seasons

By Blexbolex

Seasons by Blexbolex, a French artist and illustrator working in Berlin, is a colorful telling of the cyclical nature of the seasons. Blexbolex has screen-printed layers
of just a few colors to achieve a wide spectrum that accurately depicts different feelings or moods associated with each season. I chose this book for the color, because this time of year the world begins to turn quite grey. I find the simple imagery pleasant and the pairings of images to be rather comforting on these cold,
windy days!

Recommended by Casey Murphy


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Library staff recommendation: Iron John

Iron John: a book about men
By Robert Bly
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The poet Robert Bly explicates the fairy tale Iron John, and uses it to analyze the state of male role models and manhood in contemporary society today. According to Bly, the loss of rites-of-passage among adolescents, and the disconnect between generations, has led to a crisis within contemporary manhood. Seen through the prism of the fairy tale, Bly attempts to create a new path for masculinity, one better attuned to the shifting roles among men, women, and cultures within society today. Written in 1990, Bly’s observations are still applicable, and would seem to have an even greater urgency today.
Recommended by Mike Sgier
Recommended by Mike Sgier