Library staff recommendation: Stray Bullets

Stray Bullets: Volume 1 “Innocence of Nihilism”

Written and illustrated by David Lapham

Greenfield Open Stacks 741.50924 L314s v. 1

David Lapham’s Stray Bullets is the comic equivalent of film noir, stories told in stark black-and-white, about desperate people unable to foresee the consequences of their violent actions. Lapham is a master at character design and rendering, creating a unique world out of the imagery of 1970’s urban and suburban America, where violence is both random and destined at the same time. The stand out story in this collection is ‘Victimology,’ where a young girl must deal with her own violent impulses after witnessing a brutal crime.

The Greenfield Library also has Stray Bullets: Volume 2 “Somewhere Out West” (Greenfield Open Stacks, 741.50924 L314s v.2). Both volumes are available for immediate check out.

Recommended by Mike Sgier
Recommended by Mike Sgier

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