Library staff recommendation: Furoshiki: The Art of Japanese Wrapping Fabric

Furoshiki: The Art of Japanese Wrapping Fabric
By Kanako Hamasaki, Kazuya Takaoka
and Hiroshi Yoda
Greenfield Open Stacks 746.0952 H172f

“Beginning in nothing and ending in nothing.”

Furoshiki are traditional Japanese wrapping cloths used to transport wares or to decorate and protect gifts. These promote caring for the environment and reducing waste. They represent varying symbolic meanings and often convey compliments or feelings of thanks as well as politeness, dignity and respect. They are designed so they display beautifully when wrapped and the methods used to do the wrapping can also convey a whole language of meanings.

This book features 160 pieces of furoshiki from the collections of manufacturers in Kyoto, Miyai, Okaju and Chiso.

Recommended by Barb Danin

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