Library staff recommendation: Whole Green Catalog

Whole Green Catalog: 1,000 Best Things for You and the Earth
Edited by Michael W. Robbins, Introduction by Renée Loux, Forward by Bill McKibben

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Whole Green Catalog is a manual written in tidbits for living a greener lifestyle. From cleaning and gardening to medicine and pet care, Whole Green Catalog takes you by the hand and explains just how easy it is to keep our planet in mind in our everyday lives. It’s bigger than recycling; it’s about eco-friendly design and assuming responsibility for the mark we make on our planet.

There are tips on raising backyard poultry, growing your own food, and finding the most energy-efficient products. Did you know using your dishwasher may actually be saving water? Newer models (made within the last ten years or so) may use as little as half the energy and one-sixth the amount of water needed to wash dishes by hand!


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