Library staff recommendation: Dance Imagery for Technique and Performance

Dance Imagery for Technique and Performance
by Eric Franklin
Greenfield Open Stacks 792.807 F854d

Eric Franklin is a scholar in dance and movement imagery. A former professional dancer in New York, he now teaches at numerous universities and dance festivals in the United States and Europe. This book is a compilation of metaphysical exercises to enhance one’s body awareness. I have used his exercises to help me re-experience my improvisation skills and technique. Franklin’s writing is  equipped with a multitude of graphics to help the reader fully understand the feelings he is trying to convey for each particular movement.  Dance Imagery for Technique and Performance provides metaphors for several aspects of dance, including intention, space, weight, music and rhythm. This book is brimming with new ways to connect the mind and body in space, transporting the way dance feels and appears into a more advanced consciousness.

Recommended by Greenfield Library workstudy assistant Haylee Warner.


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