On Display: Volumes (of vulnerability)

Volumes (of vulnerability) is a collection of 23 artists’ books, curated by Katharine Meynell and Susan Johanknecht to commemorate the new millennium. Johanknecht is the founder of Gefn Press, which released Volumes (of vulnerability), and has collaborated with Meynell on various projects over the years.

Greenfield Display

The books contained within the unadorned, battered tin cover a multitude of subjects, dealing most generally with ideas such as vulnerability, impermanence, innocence, language and how the concept of a book can convey these and many other abstractions. Many of the books contain references or are responses to the fear and uncertainty that composed many people’s emotions around the turn of the millennium.

The Pool – Lily Markiewicz

The works included in Volumes (of vulnerability) include books by Sophie Artemis, Caroline Bergvall, Penny Bernard & Stephen Williams, Stephen Burry, Helen Douglas, Cate Elwes, Joanna Hoffmann, Susan Johanknecht, Lilian Lijn, Lily Markiewicz, Katarine Meynell, Jim Mooney, AMES, Hayley Newman & Casey Orr, Colin Sackett, Gary Stevens, Ulrike Stoltz, David Thorne, Claire Van Vliet and Elaine Worth.

Volumes (of vulnerability) Extinction – Claire Van Vliet

Houseworks – Penny Bernard & Stephen Williams

The Library – Ulrike Stoltz

Gefn Press
Katharine Meynell

Volumes (of vulnerability)
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