is the preeminent software tutorial website currently on the market. And through UArts, you can access it for free! offers tutorials on a wide variety of topics, from Adobe’s Creative Cloud network of software to business and IT to education and many other topics. Whether you’re just trying to familiarize yourself with a new piece of software or looking for some new tips to help you expedite or enhance your creative process, is sure to have something for you.



The tutorials offered are helpful and in-depth, narrated and demonstrated by professionals who guide you through every step and more often than not include example files for you to follow along and try out the principles taught for yourself. Also provided are transcripts of what the narrator is saying and an area to take notes that keep track of what time in the video you wrote them.



In addition to the tutorials, also offers various videos more along the lines of short documentaries and video blogs from and by various professionals in their respective fields.



Finally, provides you with many other non-software tutorials to help improve many talents such as presentation skills, public speaking and time/project management.

publicspeaking is a valuable tool to any student learning about their field who wants to improve or expand their talents. Look for more posts from the UArts Libraries about various tutorials and videos!

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  1. how do I get access, I’m using an office computer and can not login in using my school credentials?

    1. Once you go to, you’ll need to sign up for an account using your UArts email. After that, you can use that login and the password you create (which should be different from your UArts email password) to sign into from anywhere.

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