Staff Recommendation: Represent: 200 Years of African American Art in the Philadelphia Museum of Art

If you missed the January 10 – April 5, 2015, exhibition at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, fear not: the UArts Greenfield Library has the 210-page hardcover edition of the exhibition catalog for Represent: 200 Years of African American Art in the Philadelphia Museum of Art (Philadelphia Museum of Art in association with Yale University Press, 2014), Greenfield Open Stacks 704.03960748 Sh26r. The catalog has many images that were not included in the exhibition, so it’s a special treat to possibly find additional works by artists you may have enjoyed in the show. Information about the exhibit is still available at

Of special interest to the UArts community are five UArts alumni featured in the exhibit:



Samuel Joseph Brown, Jr. (Class of 1930)

Smoking My Pipe, 1934




Claude Clark (Class of 1939)

Time-Out, 1939-40


Freelon, Allan Randall. Our Lady of Good Voyage.


Allan Randall Freelon (Class of 1916)

Our Lady of Good Voyage, before 1935


Represent Keene 

Paul F. Keene, Jr. (attended 1939-41, faculty member, 1954-68)

Three Graces, 1960



Jayson Musson (Class of 2002)

Trying to Find Our Spot Off in That Light, Light off in Our Spot, 2014

Also of note: UArts Museum Studies faculty member Helen Shannon contributed the Jacob Lawrence essay. Come check out the book and enjoy!

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