Studio Art MFA Lecture Series: Alice Gray Stites

Alice Gray Stites will be speaking Wednesday, July 1, 2015 at noon as part of the MFA Studio Art Lecture Series.


Articles about Stites’ work as 21C Properties Museum Director and interviews can be accessed through the Libraries’ subscription to EBSCO:

5 Questions For Alice Gray Stites

and LexisNexis:

Curator Describes Hotels’ ‘Immersive Art’

Art to Wake to – and Sleep With – at 21c Museum 





Library staff recommendation: Lint: Acme Novelty Library #20


The ACME Novelty Library #20 (Lint)
by Chris Ware
Greenfield Open Stacks 741.5973 W22a20

Part of Chris Ware’s ongoing Rusty Brown story, The ACME Novelty Library #20 chronicles the life of Jordan Lint, a bully from Rusty’s school. Ware presents the entirety of Lint’s life, from birth to death, with each page showing a discrete scene from a different year. As always, Ware uses both imagery and text to show the range of emotions his characters experience, finding innovative ways to tell such an expansive story. Ware’s aim doesn’t seem to be sympathy for Lint so much as understanding, as he shows a man continually trying to change his life, but who can’t escape the consequences of past mistakes and the regrets that come with them.

Recommended by Mike Sgier

Anthony Goicolea


This summer’s MFA Studio Art Lecture Series begins with Anthony Goicolea’s lecture on Wednesday, June 25, 2015 at 12:00 pm.



His work has been featured in two titles in the Libraries’ collection:

Badlands: New Horizons in Landscape

704.9436 B142m

Photoart: Photography in the 21st Century

779.0922 P565g 2007  

Gallery exhibit reviews and interviews with the artist can be accessed through LexisNexis Academic. Remember to always go to to access online subscription resources.



Creator : Anthony Goicolea
Title : Deconstruction
Date : 2007
ARTstor : LARRY_QUALLS_10313420844
Creator : Anthony Goicolea
Title : Still Life with Pig
Date : 2005
ARTstor : LARRY_QUALLS_10312609826
Creator : Anthony Goicolea
Title : Orchard
Date : 2005
ARTstor : LARRY_QUALLS_10312609878

Staff Recommendation: Oryx & Crake

A story of genetic modification and the tumultuous end of the modern world, Oryx and Crake by Margaret Atwood is an engrossing and disturbing vision of the future. Atwood calls her book “speculative fiction” as opposed to “science fiction” due to the fact that everything written within either already exists or is in close reach.

Snowman believes himself to be the last human being on earth following a devastating cataclysm that he was spared from. Wracked with guilt and going slowly insane he tends to the “Crakers”, genetically modified humans grown in a lab as an alternative to human beings’ destruction of the Earth. The story jumps back to earlier parts of Snowman’s life, showing both his journey as well as how civilization progressed to the deceptively peaceful yet barren apocalypse that it became.

Oryx and Crake

by Margaret Atwood

Greenfield Open Stacks Call # 813 At95o 2003



Recommended by Bill Rooney,     Greenfield Library Circulation Assistant