Library staff recommendation: Lint: Acme Novelty Library #20


The ACME Novelty Library #20 (Lint)
by Chris Ware
Greenfield Open Stacks 741.5973 W22a20

Part of Chris Ware’s ongoing Rusty Brown story, The ACME Novelty Library #20 chronicles the life of Jordan Lint, a bully from Rusty’s school. Ware presents the entirety of Lint’s life, from birth to death, with each page showing a discrete scene from a different year. As always, Ware uses both imagery and text to show the range of emotions his characters experience, finding innovative ways to tell such an expansive story. Ware’s aim doesn’t seem to be sympathy for Lint so much as understanding, as he shows a man continually trying to change his life, but who can’t escape the consequences of past mistakes and the regrets that come with them.

Recommended by Mike Sgier

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