Staff Recommendation – Dinotopia, Journey to Chandara


The Dinotopia series, by former National Geographic artist James Gurney, is enough to ignite the exploratory child in each of us. Gurney’s series takes place on a hidden continent where sentient dinosaurs and human beings have built a utopian society based on inter-species cooperation. His beautiful paintings and detailed maps will enmesh readers of any age who enjoy exploring the art of world building, which is here peppered by fantastical technologies as well as science lessons from the real world. Journey to Chandara explores this lost continent with a scientist who sets out on an epic journey to unite two estranged empires. I would especially recommend this book for students of illustration, landscape painting, children’s artwork, and anyone in the UArts community who enjoys the whimsy of a pterodactyl ride every now and then.

This book is available in the Greenfield Library Open Stacks – 813 G966dj  

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