Library staff recommendation: The Magic of M.C. Escher


The Magic of M.C. Escher
designed by Erik Thé, with an introduction by J.L. Locher
Greenfield Open Stacks 769.924 Es16lo 2013

With excellent reproductions and imagery, this book is a perfect compendium of M.C. Escher’s work, highlighting the precision and craft that the artist brought to his art. The book not only includes finished art from a wide array of media, but also includes process sketches, stages that his imagery went through, and examines the thematic explorations that Escher embarked upon throughout his career.
Recommended by Mike Sgier

Library staff recommendation: The Long Goodbye


The Long Goodbye
by Raymond Chandler
Greenfield Open Stacks 813 C361l 1992

In this noir classic by Raymond Chandler, private detective Philip Marlowe finds himself in a world of trouble when he helps a depressed and scarred veteran flee the US for Mexico, caught between police, gangsters, and an assortment of duplicitous characters with their own motives. As with any good detective story, there are twists and turns to keep the reader guessing, but it is Marlowe’s blunt attitude and Chandler’s pitch perfect writing that keeps the pages turning. What emerges is a grim and corrupt portrait of 1950’s Los Angeles, and one of  crime fiction’s best stories.

Recommended by Mike Sgier

New database: Naxos Music Library World

Like World music?

You need to check out our new database:


“An invaluable resource for World music enthusiasts”


Naxos Music Library World has over 5,370 albums with more materials being added weekly. Although NML-W is centered around the complete Smithsonian Folkways catalog, lots of additional recordings from labels like Sony, Warner, Arc, Celestial Harmonies, and Naxos World are available as well.


Found a few tracks you enjoy? Sign up for a free account and create your own personal playlists! You can also browse playlists created by other users or specifically by fellow UArts users;  this database is new to us, of course, so will you be the first to make a UArts World music playlist?!?

Sure, you can search by title, artist, or composer, but you can also search by country/geographical area, language, instruments used, and more. Another great option is to browse by list of cultural groups or geographic areas. From on-campus and off-campus, you can access NML-W anytime and anywhere to take advantage of these great features and explore some different musics.


To check out NML-W, visit the UArts Libraries’ homepage then click the link for Audio/Video Online at the bottom of the page in the Online Resources sections. Find Naxos Music Library World in the alphabetical list, click the link, and you made it. Remember, when using the campus network you’ll be taken right in, but for off-campus access current UArts students, faculty, and staff can simply enter their UArts email user name and password.

Got questions? Good!
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