Big band member and library student worker selected as a top soloist

The UArts Libraries wish to congratulate Henry Tirfe for being selected as one of five top solo artists in the College Big Band division at the 46th Next Generation Jazz Festival in Monterey, California.


Not only is UArts School of Music student Henry Tirfe a great saxophonist, he is also a super-valued library student worker!

A junior in the UArts School of Music, Henry began working here in the Fall of 2015. He performed at the recent Next Generation Jazz Festival in California with the UArts “Z” Big Band, a finalist in the College Big Band Division.

“This was a first for me, a first for the ‘Z’ Big Band, and most importantly a first for the entire University,” said Tirfe. “I felt very proud flying back to Philadelphia bringing a trophy back for this school.”

And we are proud of him!


Henry also pointed out the UArts Music Library has on hand some of the scores for tunes the ‘Z’ Big Band has played, such as Tiptoe and To You, composed and arranged by Thad Jones.


Current UArts students, faculty, and staff can also listen to the tunes as originally recorded via Naxos Music Library Jazz and Music Online, respectively, available on the Audio and Video Online  library webpage.



Our congratulations to director Matt Gallagher, the amazing students of the ‘Z’ Big Band, and again to outstanding soloist –and an outstanding work study student– Henry Tirfe!

Staff Recommendation: Map: Exploring the World


Map: Exploring the World will take you on a geographical journey that charts the passions, foibles, and ingenuity of humankind. Large and colorful maps adorn the book’s pages and take the viewer on a voyage of discovery which spans the epochs of many times and cultures. How do humans develop and express their world-views? How do we assert control over spaces? How do we investigate the world around us? And how do we simply find a way from point A to point B? From ancient etchings to smartphone apps, this book will take you on a tour of these questions and how we’ve dealt with them through cartography.

Map : Exploring the World                                                                   Commissioning Editor: Victoria Clarke ; Editors: Rosie Pickles and Tim Cooke

Greenfield Open Stacks –  516.8 M32c

Staff Recommendations: Introducing Aesthetics: A Graphic Guide

Introducing Aesthetics: A Graphic Guide
Christopher Kul-Want & Piero
Greenfield Open Stacks — 111.85 W198i 2010

If you want to understand or get a clearer picture of all that Aesthetics entails, pick up the book: Introducing Aesthetics: A Graphic Guide. This graphic novel breaks Aesthetics into 1-2 page subtopics, such as: Art & Reality; the Gaze; and the Medium is the Message to name a few. It takes you through an historical journey and introduces you to the many concepts and people associated with this branch of philosophy in a way that inspires further reading. It will stimulate your curiosity, or at least, leave you less muddled on this topic.

Recommended by Mary Louise Castaldi, Reference Librarian, Greenfield Library
Recommended by
Mary Louise Castaldi,
Reference Librarian,
Greenfield Library