Staff Recommendation: Pierrot Le Fou

One of the most important French New Wave filmmakers, Godard’s tenth feature is an intricate and puzzling tale of a couple’s cross-country escape from the Organisation de l’Armée Secrète, a French paramilitary organization. In typical Godard fashion, this film features fourth wall breaks and shots that will make anyone pay attention to the characters more than the plot. Godard’s first film in color has a somewhat different feel than his previous black-and-white efforts, but is sure to keep viewers hooked if they have love for French New Wave cinema.

Pierrot Le Fou

Directed by Jean-Luc Godard

Greenfield DVD GD1724

Recommended by Isabella Braun, Work Study Assistant, Music Library

ProQuest: The Arts

ProQuest: The Arts is a great source when searching for articles from scholarly journals and magazines. Remember: many journals that are not available in full text can be found through WebBridge.

This will search other UArts Libraries databases and provide you with a direct link to search our catalog for articles in our physical collection. Look for the FindIt@UArts link in your database results list to connect to WebBridge.

View ProQuest’s YouTube channel for more information about searching, sending articles, and more.
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Staff Recommendation: Art Brut in America: The Incursion of Jean Dubuffet

A beautiful group of works of 38 outsider artists from the collection of Jean Dubuffet including drawings, manuscripts, letters, paintings, assemblages, embroideries and sculptures.

The book explores the influence of these works in the US and on abstract expressionism. It highlights Dubuffet’s interest in art that was non-Western and celebrated creators who are mainly outside of artistic culture.

“We witness here the artistic process in all it’s purity, raw, reinvented on all its levels by the maker, starting solely from his own impulses…” Jean Dubuffet as translated by Alfonso Ossorio


Recommended by Barbara Danin, Greenfield Library Acquisitions and Administrative Coordinator
Recommended by Barbara Danin, Greenfield Library Acquisitions and Administrative Coordinator

Staff Recommendation: A Visit from the Goon Squad

Simply put, I flat out loved this book. Centered around a music industry executive and his assistant, Egan tells a rich and layered story about time, age, love, and failure, with music acting as a connective thread through it all. Each chapter is dedicated to a different character and perspective, and while this could be a gimmick in lesser hands, Egan is able to weave these storytelling threads together into a narrative that crackles and pulsates, with a fresh and insightful discovery on every page. Highest recommendation!

A Visit from the Goon Squad

by Jennifer Egan

Call # 813.54 Eg13v

Recommended by Mike Sgier Visual Resources Assistant Visual Resources and Special Collections







Student Work in the School Catalogs: William S. Rice

"An end of the Central Court. From a pen-and-ink drawing, by W. S. Rice, a pupil in the School."
“An end of the Central Court. From a pen-and-ink drawing, by W. S. Rice, a pupil in the School.”

This is the first of a series of UArts Libraries blog posts we’ll write about student artwork in the school catalogs. Some students will be well-known and others less so, but the work will always be interesting.

Our first choice for this series is the 1894 pen-and ink-drawing above of the courtyard behind Hamilton Hall, done shortly after the Pennsylvania Museum School of Industrial Art (PMSIA, now the UArts College of Art, Media & Design) moved from 1336 Spring Garden Street to 320 South Broad Street.

The drawing is by William Seltzer Rice (1873-1963), a noted California printmaker. Born in Pennsylvania, Rice attended PMSIA in 1893-94 and 1894-95, earning Certificates A and B and multiple school prizes. In addition to the courtyard piece, Rice also did the frontispiece of the 1894-95 PMSIA catalog, seen below. Rice moved to California and is known for California Arts and Crafts-style block prints. See for many images.

William S Rice1894-95 catalog cover
Pen-and-ink drawing of Hamilton Hall by William Seltzer Rice, from the front cover of 1894-95 school catalog.