Staff Recommendation – Trimpin: Contraptions for Art and Sound

trimpin book cover

This book is a collection of the major works of Trimpin, a German artist now based in Seattle, WA. His work focuses on the relationship of sound to instrument design as well as various factors in the physical environment.  Many of the works featured in the book are installation pieces, which seem to the viewer to be mega-musical instruments. These massive Rube Goldberg-esque contraptions, after given the right spark, begin to emit a cacophony of sounds specific to the pieces’ design and environment.  As wonderful as the photos in this book are, the only disappointment one feels is not being in the specific place and time to experience the auditory sensations that Trimpin pursues.

This book is is located in the Greenfield Library Open Stacks. Its call number is — 709.2 T736f

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