New database: QWEST TV

Journey into jazz and beyond

The UArts Libraries is happy to announce we are an institutional beta subscriber to Qwest TV, featuring streaming video of concerts and more!

I’ll get this right out of the way: as a beta subscriber access is currently available on-campus only. As soon as they get everything set up, it will indeed be available for off-campus use by current UArts students, faculty, and staff.

To access Qwest TV: just click this link from on-campus and you should go right in. You’ll know it worked when you see the UArts icon in the top right. As this is a new, beta subscription, please don’t hesitate to let me know if you have any problems.

You can always find Qwest TV by visiting and clicking the link “Audio/Video Online” in the Online Resources section.

What is qwest TV?

Qwest TV, co-founded by Quincy Jones and Reza Ackbaraly, was launched for individual subscriptions in December of 2017. As soon as institutional access became available, we signed up! The growing collection has 300+ streaming videos, including full-length concerts, documentaries, and archival footage. This resource houses exclusives and original programming, and is growing fast! Principally focused around jazz, you will also discover some pop music, world music, and more.

In the mood for a Count Basie performance? Check out their archives! Thelonious Monk? Yes! Ella Fitzgerald? Yes! Art Ensemble of Chicago? Ertha Kitt? Maceo Parker? Yes, yes, yes! All these musicians and more are represented.

Feel like watching Sun Ra at Estival Jazz ’85? Well you can. Are you feeling more contemporary? Check out London’s Morcheeba play a sold-out show at Jazz à Vienne in Vienna last year. Maybe stream the Charles Lloyd Quartet circa 2011, or check in on bassist Omer Avital at the 2013 Nice Jazz Festival.

A documentary on the Indian music of Benares? They have you covered. Docs on Ornette Coleman? Chick Corea? Blue Note? Check, check, check.

There is just far too much to list, so check out this site as soon as you have a minute and explore the wealth of amazing content!

And Qwest TV isn’t “just” streaming video. Explore articles, interviews, news updates, album reviews, and more. Again you can check all of this out by visiting this link from on-campus, or the Audio/Video Online page listed in the Online Resources section of our website, One you see that UArts logo, you know you are ready to stream!

If you have any questions about this or other UArts Libraries resources, just ask me:

Jim Cowen
Music Reference Librarian