Library staff recommendation: Betty Woodman


Betty Woodman
Skira Editore, 2014

Greenfield Open Stacks – 738.0924.W859s

A beautiful book of Woodman’s exuberant, brightly colored, sometimes witty, painterly vase forms.

These vases never conform to the traditional shape of a vase,
instead they seem to be almost in motion with undulating shapes,
patterns and colors. She is strongly influenced by the work of Matisse and Bonnard, Japanese woodblocks, as well as art from many cultures visited on her travels and time living in Italy.

Library staff recommendation: The Ocean at the End of the Lane

The Ocean at the End of the Lane

by Neil Gaiman
A blend of myth, fairy tale, and horror story, The Ocean at the End of the Lane is a perfect middle ground between Gaiman’s adult and children’s stories. When a grown man returns to the site of his childhood home, his mind recalls long-forgotten memories, both dark and strange, and remembers a long lost friend who lived at a farm down the road, a farm not quite of this world. Though this is one of Gaiman’s shorter novels, it feels like his most personal, and leaves the reader with a rich reading experience to remember.
Recommended by Mike Sgier

Welcome to new library staff!

Julia, Lessa, and Mike

We welcome all new staff to the Music Library this fall! Julia Mullen will be with us part-time in Music, working on the weekends and some other hours. Julia went to Philadelphia’s High School for Creative and Performing Arts (CAPA), has a master’s in English, and previously worked at the Eugene Ormandy Music and Media Center at the University of Pennsylvania.

Michael Romano joins the Greenfield Library AND the Music Library, since he’ll be working in both. Fortunately for us, he is both an artist (painting, pen and ink) and a musician (hammered dulcimer). Michael has a BA in history with a minor in fine arts from Rutgers University and worked in the Rutgers University Libraries prior to joining us. He is excited to join the UArts community of artists.
Lessa Keller-Kenton joins the Music Library as Circulation Assistant. Lessa (pronounced Lisa) has a BA in religious studies and will be starting her master’s in information science at Drexel in January 2015. Besides working in libraries and museums, Lessa has earned a graduate certificate and is a musician who plays the hammered dulcimer. That’s right: we now have two staff members who play the dulcimer.
Phoebe Kowalewski is switching over from the Music Library to the Greenfield Library, where she’ll serve as the Cataloger and Archival Processor Librarian.

Library staff recommendation: Philadelphia Mural Arts @ 30

Philadelphia Mural Arts @ 30 edited by Jane Golden and David Updike
Temple University Press, Philadelphia, 2014
Greenfield Open Stacks 751.730974811 G565mu
More than 3800 murals have transformed the city of Philadelphia and been a model and inspiration for cities around the world. This program has brought together artists, writers, designers, musicians, students, social service providers, the young and the old, and has taught art skills, civic engagement, and personal responsibility. It has helped many ex-offenders train for new jobs, provided a way for people to give back to their communities and has been a huge catalyst for communal healing. This is a beautiful celebration of three decades of creativity and collaboration.

Library staff recommendation: Cosmos

by Carl Sagan
Greenfield Open Stacks 520 Sa18c

With the release of the new Cosmos television series, hosted by Neil deGrasse Tyson, now would be an opportune time to revisit the original book written by Carl Sagan. Encompassing a wide variety of scientific fields, from biology to astrophysics, Sagan examines the connections between life on Earth and the universe at large, and how all it relates to our daily lives, whether we know it or not. Sagan’s writing is rich and lucid, aiming to take complex (and sometimes controversial) scientific subjects and make them accessible to a wider, general audience. It was Sagan’s belief that scientific literacy could be accessible to everyone, and was essential to help illuminate humanity’s role in the Cosmos.

Recommended by Mike Sgier
Recommended by Mike Sgier